The Vega+ puts a ZX Spectrum and 1,000 licensed games in your pocket

The iconic ‘80s gaming console is being reborn as a handheld device.

If you grew up in the ‘80s, you’re going to love this news: Sir Clive Sinclair and Retro Computers are bringing the powers of the ZX Spectrum into the palm of your hand with the fully-mobile Vega+.


This gadget is a blend of the original, iconic gaming machine and last year’s ZX Spectrum Vega home console. Unlike its predecessors, though, the latest iteration is equipped with an LCD screen, a built-in microSD card slot and 1,000 licensed games. On top of that, the Vega+’s software enables you to run pretty much all of the 14,000-plus Spectrum titles from back in the day.


You’ll notice that the Vega+ bids farewell to the keyboard for an integrated LCD display, along with simple fingertip controls that you’ve grown accustomed to with other handheld gaming devices. There’s a D-pad on the left as well as a series of buttons on the right. In addition to the its SD slot, the unit comes with a charging port, USB and an A/V output jack so you hook it up to your TV if you want to throw some classics up on a bigger screen.

Ready to spark some nostalgia and bring you favorite ‘80s games with you on your morning commute? Head over to the Vega+’s Indiegogo campaign, where Sir Clive Sinclair and the Retro Computers crew have already blown right by their

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