This may be the most elegant e-bike ever

Faraday Cortland is the ultimate electric bike to power your commute in style.

Biking to work has its perks. It helps reduce gas emissions in the environment, sometimes it’s faster than public transportation and it’s cost effective. The only downside is arriving to the office dripping in sweat. A small San Francisco-based team has created a solution to your commute with a bike that lets you ride in style and with ease — sweat-free.


All familiar to the hills of San Francisco, Adam Vollmer and his team wanted to build a bike that is fast and easy to ride in dense urban areas without riders breaking a sweat. With that in mind, they created Faraday Cortland, an elegant electric bicycle that doesn’t sacrifice the looks, feel and experience of bike riding.

The Faraday Cortland builds on the team’s award-winning design of the classic Porteur. This step-through bike has a higher capacity battery for 25 miles of assisted riding, updated software and a more efficient motor. Despite it being an electric bike, the Cortland maintains the look of a classically designed bike and weighs only 40 pounds, making it easy to mount and dismount. Cortland has a built-in LED headlight and taillight, perfect for riding at night especially after a long day at work. This bike is great for leisure riding on the weekends and is family-friendly with its child-seat compatible rear rack and front rack for groceries.


Like its namesake Michael Faraday, inventor of the electric motor, the Faraday Cortland operates on a powerful 250W motor, with a 350W peak. With an ATxmega32A4U at its heart, this set of wheels runs on a custom 43V, 290Wh removable Panasonic lithium-ion battery pack and the handle bar has a display to show battery life. It boasts a maintenance free drive train, consisting of a Shimano Alfine internally eight-speed geared hub and Gates carbon fiber belt drive, eliminating the possibility of getting grease stains on your clothes. The Cortland is an elegant bike, but tough. The body is a durable steel frame and Tektro hydraulic disc brakes for a smooth ride and bamboo fenders to keep the rider dry.

The Faraday team is also offering add-ons such as an auxiliary battery pack to double the Cortland’s range to over 40 miles, a GPS tracking device and an app for ride track and route mapping.


Ready to conquer your commute sweat-free? Head over to the Faraday Cortland’s Kickstarter page, where Adam and his crew are well above their $100,000 goal. In making things even more simple, bikes will be delivered fully assembled, no bike mechanic needed. Shipments are slated for July 2016, just in time for summer.

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