Monument is a personal cloud device for your photos and videos

This solution uses AI to analyze and organize your pictures like Google Photos, but on your own storage device.

People nowadays are taking more photos than ever before, whether it’s on their smartphones, their digital cameras or even their GoPros. This results in thousands of pieces of images and clips that need to be stored and organized, which of course, requires a computer and tons of time. And while cloud services offer a partial solution, these tend to cost money and sometimes your privacy.


However, one Chicago-based startup has devised a solution capable of collecting and automatically managing your fondest memories. Currently live on Kickstarter, Monument is a personal cloud device that effortlessly syncs and arranges content from your phone and camera, alleviating the headache of doing it yourself.

Beyond just the storage gadget itself, Monument features an accompanying mobile app that is responsible for seamlessly relaying the images and footage in lightning speed. By default, syncing begins once your Monument is connected to your home’s wireless network; however, you can also enable your app’s settings for remote syncing. The system even supports SD cards for file transfers.


What’s really interesting, though, is Monument’s advanced AI algorithms which sort through your photos using date, time, location and faces, as well as by camera. And since everything is organized, the app offers a variety of ways to view your memories including a ‘time machine’ tool (like Timehop) that shows you what you were doing on that day up to 10 years ago and ‘world map,’ which displays all your pics on a globe. Plus, you can search through results using keywords, such as beach or outdoor.

Monument is expandable, too. You can add your own external USB drives, as well as connect a pair of disk drives for RAID-1 backup.


Interested? Head over to its crowdfunding campaign, where the Monument Labs team is currently seeking $60,000. Delivery is expected to get underway in September 2016.

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