SprayPrinter turns digital designs into wall art

This smart spray paint device helps you create wall art — no art skills required.

Have you ever walked past a cool mural or graffiti, and wished you could create large scale artwork in your own home or office? You can now with SprayPrinter, a spray paint device that reproduces images from your smartphone to any wall.


The Estonia-based team behind the gadget boasts SprayPrinter as the 21st century way of designing walls. The SprayPrinter works similar to a dot matrix printer, except it is made up of two key components: a clip-on unit that controls the spray paint nozzle and the accompanying smartphone app that converts and sends images to the SprayPrinter. Together, the app maps the image to the wall, and the smartphone camera tracks the position of the spray paint can so it knows exactly when to tell it to release the dots of paint.


You can be making art like Banksy in three easy steps. First, you choose from the app what design you want printed on the wall. Then, you activate the SprayPrinter attachment and simply move the can along the wall. The app breaks down the chosen image into pixels, and communicates with the spray paint can on releasing paint at the precise location. The app will also host artwork by artists, designers and photographers.

Intrigued? Head over to the project’s Indiegogo page, where its team is currently seeking $20,000. You can start designing any wall with SprayPrinter for the price of $149. The first batches of units are set for delivery by December 2016.


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