Maker builds a Pro Trinket-powered GPS watch

Hey, watch-a got there?! 

Sure, you could always go buy a GPS watch like the TomTom Spark or Garmin Forerunner. Or, you could be like Shawn Cruise and build your own nifty, somewhat Steampunkish wearable device.


The Arduino GPS Watch, which is made up of two leather cuffs, consists of a 128×32 OLED display, a 3V Pro Trinket (ATmega328) with a battery pack, and an Adafruit Ultimate GPS breakout board. There are two tactile buttons and an RGB LED on the outside, as well as a temperature sensor, three 220 Ohm resistors and a 4.7K Ohm resistor mounted to a perfboard. The wires and battery are all hidden between the two straps.


Admittedly, the watch came out a bit thicker and bulkier than Cruise had originally intended, but is pretty sweet nevertheless! It boasts a wide range of features, including the ability to show time, read temperature, reveal GPS coordinates, and even packs a flashlight that can illuminate a dark space.

Beyond that, wearers can use the device to find and mark a coordinate, and then return to it as they move around. The OLED screen shares direction and speed, too. You can watch the video below as Cruise takes you through some more of the watch’s other core elements.

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