Build a rhythm LED lighting effect box

Get the party started with this ATtiny45-based LED music box.

If you’d like to measure sound for an interactive display, Ardumotive has you covered with a tutorial about how to “make your own music rhythm LED lighting effect box” with an ATtiny45.


One caveat to this method is that, according to the article, “It’s not the correct way to analyze sound signals, but it will flash LEDs in music rhythm.” In other words, it may not be appropriate for laboratory work or OSHA testing, but should be great for your next party!

The build itself is quite simple, and pipes analog audio data into the ATtiny45 via a 3.5mm audio jack. The voltage from this input is read by the chip, and outputs from zero to three LEDs based on the voltage level. While the circuit is based an tinyAVR MCU, it should also work on a standard Arduino development board, like the ubiquitous Uno.

Although this is an interesting experiment as a breadboard display, author Vasilakis Michalis decided to make it a little more interesting with simple three-segment light diffusing fixture, made with plexiglass and wood. Check it out in action in the video below!

For another excellent project from Ardumotive, why not check out this excellent plotter made from old optical drives?

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