This doormat welcomes guests with Star Wars tunes

StarMAT is an interactive doormat that detects a footstep and plays Star Wars tunes and phrases.

If you’ve ever dreamed of marching through a door to the sounds of Star Wars, you’re in luck. That’s because Maker Rohit Gupta has devised an interactive doormat that plays random audio clips from the film upon entering his room.


To coincide with the recent release of the latest box office hit, the DIY doormat detects a footstep using capacitive sensing and then emits either an iconic song (like the opening theme or Imperial March) or a famous phrase from the saga.

The current setup is temporarily breadboarded, and consists of an Arduino with an MP3 shield connected to a pair of desktop USB speakers. Meanwhile, there’s a capacitive wire loop hidden beneath the mat and a self-calibrating capacitive sensor tuned to the mat size wire. Once someone steps onto the mat, the sensor triggers the Arduino to sound the audio bit, which is stored on an SD card.

Ready for a doormat from a galaxy far, far away? Head over to the project’s page here, or see it in action above!


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