Ring in the holidays with this cuckoo clock bell

Drive your family cuckoo with this awesome, ATtiny85-powered Christmas bell! 

Last summer, Philip Verbeek visited Philadelphia. And what would a trip to the City of Brotherly Love be without a stop at the Liberty Bell? While there, he bought his own little replica as a souvenir, which he planned to throw on his Christmas tree this year.


However, being the Maker that he is, Verbeek felt that wasn’t enough. Instead, he wanted to take it one step further by having it ring automatically. To accomplish this, he used a servo motor with a small hammer at the end. An ATtiny85 in combination with an RTC mini-breakout board is tasked with ringing the bell.


At the top of every hour, the clock rings the number of the current hour and once at every half hour. (Think of it as a cuckoo clock for your tree.) As an extra feature, Verbeek even included a push button for manual control and an RGB LED on top that illuminates as the bell chimes.

Ready to ring in the holidays? Check out Verbeek’s project here, or watch it in action below!

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