Build an LED fire log with Arduino

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but this LED fire is so delightful!

It’s December, and if you live in the Northern Hemisphere it’s most likely starting to get cold outside. Modern HVAC systems are great for automatically keeping your dwelling properly heated, but there is still something magical about having an actual fire to keep everyone warm. What’s not magical is the effort required to start and fuel a fire, as well as the inherent risk of things getting out of control.


Maker Jason Tumblin decided to bridge this gap with his LED fire log. Though it likely provides only a miniscule amount of heat, it does at least simulate the look of a burning log using an Arduino Esplora (ATmega32U4) and an LED strip. As seen in the video below, it’s a pleasing effect and the Esplora provides convenient built-in control capability.


The really unique thing about this build is that the log that is meant to be on fire is made from an actual burned log. A rectangle is cut into the top of it where a piece of plexiglass is placed. LED strips are glued under the glass, and above it are placed cut chunks of wood. Spaces in these chunks are naturally left when these pieces are attached, allowing light to filter up through the top.


So, if the weather outside is frightful and you’re looking for a fire that is so delightful, then head over to Tumblin’s project page to get started on your own. For another unique lighting project, this time using frosted acrylic glass, check out this Berlin Clock replica!

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