Evo-One is a sleek desktop CNC mill

A ready-to-run CNC machine made for anyone.

The desktop fabrication revolution is well underway, and joining the likes of several other impressive gadgety is Evo-One. The brainchild of MakerDreams, this sleek desktop 2.5D and 3D CNC milling machine lets you engrave, carve and cut very complex shapes with incredible precision on different kinds of materials like wood, plastic and metal.


With the burgeoning DIY movement in mind, Evo-One has been designed for everyone — from hobbyists to fab lab workers, and everyone in between. Its acrylic enclosure allows the machine to be used inside any room, garage or office, with no worries about dust or noise.

According to the Italian startup, you can bring your idea to life in just three simple steps: draw your project, select the material, and then let Evo-One’s open source software guide you through the process.


“Evo-One will create your project directly on the chosen material, letting you make a prototype, create or produce any item directly on your table. It will be like having a small mechanic’s workshop always with you,” the team explains.

Evo-One is said to work on everything from various plastics (acrylic, PVC, polyethylene, HDPE, Corian and Delrin), to woods (maple, mahogany, walnut, pine, MDF, plywood, balsa and cork) to some metals (aluminum, copper, brass, silver and gold). It can even be used on several composites such as circuit boards, glass fiber, carbon, linoleum, wax and foam.


Among its most notable features include an auto-zero touch plate and an emergency stop remote. Evo-One has a 14.5” x 8.6” x 4.7” (370mm x 2200mm x 120mm) working area along with a powerful spindle. This spindle is a single aluminum block with five ball bearings and a motor that cranks from 3,000 to 22,000 RPM with support for mills from 1mm to 7mm. Aside from that, the Arduino (ATmega328)-based device is equipped with a cooling fan for its upper part, a speed controller and some LEDs that illuminate inside.

Evo-One’s Cre-Mov software been created in order to execute any G-code and control your CNC mill in an intuitive way, all while previewing the process in real-time on your PC.


Sound like a desktop thingamajig for you? Head over to the Evo-One’s Kickstarter page, where MakerDreams has already well surpassed its $65,432 goal. Delivery is expected to get underway sometime this summer.

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