This smart lamp lets you ‘paint the light’ in your room

FLUXO is a full LED fixture, not just another smart bulb.

Although the idea of a smart lamp is nothing new, one Austrian startup has come up with an innovative design that allows you to move the light using simple paint gestures on your smartphone.


Thanks to FLUXO, any mood is now possible using a single pendant lamp comprised of 300 LEDs with an output of up to 2800 lumens. An accompanying mobile app enables you to control the intensity, direction, color and overall distribution of light to particular areas with a mere gesture.

Instead of dimming the light in your room, the Luke Roberts team’s “Paint Your Light” approach makes it easy to adjust the lighting for any space, time of the day, mood or social situation. The more you “paint,” the brighter it gets, while the other parts of your room will remain subdued. FLUXO even illuminates immediately to provide you with real-time feedback.

“The dining room, for example, can be personalized to have a portion of FLUXO focused solely on the table while having the remaining LEDs emit a soft, ambient glow to the rest of the room,” the crew writes.


You can independently control downlight and uplight, which gives a pleasant indirect light to create different moods, which is not possible with other lamps. Particular light scenes can be stored on the app for each FLUXO lamp, which includes intuitive motion sensors connected with smart software in the lamp that can learn how people prefer their lighting based on their overall usage. You can store any setting as a light scene and come back to it with just one swipe of your finger. What’s more, the app lets you seamlessly switch between FLUXOs.

When you don’t have your phone in hand but want to change to another light scene, you can do so by simply turning the light switch off and on again. The lamp recognizes this “click” and switches to the next scene. FLUX’s presence sensors also can detect when you walk into a room and turn itself on. Conversely, it will shut itself off as you leave to save energy.

Unlike other competitors in the growing smart lighting market, Luke Roberts has developed a fixture with built-­in LEDs that allow the FLUXO to give off increased light output compared to more conventional LED bulbs, directional lighting controllable at different angles and improved heat management for a longer lifetime.


FLUXO comes with a specially-designed mount to fit it to any kind of flat ceiling surface, and has universal power supply so that it can be directly connected to any outlet. The team has carefully engineered the lamp with all relevant sensors and a future-proof Bluetooth wireless module, so that new features can be added down the road.

Sound like a smart fixture you’d love to have in your smart home? Head over to FLUXO’s Kickstarter campaign, where the Luke Roberts team is currently seeking $54,266. Delivery is slated for late summer 2016.


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