Turn heads with this wearable LED purse

CAT Clutch is a chic, wearable art for your arm.

The most essential things a girl needs for an evening out are a fully-charged phone and a cool outfit. But lately, it seems that carrying a phone charger is just as necessary because of all the Instagram pictures and Snapchats of the fun night out, which ends up being a total battery sucker! So what’s a girl to do, without cramping her style? The team at Creative Arts & Technology (CAT) has the solution with a fresh new take on a classic bag, and a touch of Silicon Valley.


The CAT Clutch is a chic bag that displays LED pixel art and charges your phone. This fashion-forward wearable is the brain child of a tech geek and a fashion enthusiast, who also happen to be husband and wife. Like its founders, CAT is described as a “funky, fresh marriage of tech and fashion.”

The bag has a classic clutch design, but its LED front display is what makes it unlike any other bag seen before. With its Bluetooth-enabled app and customizable pixel art, the CAT Clutch is guaranteed to be a conversation starter. Through the mobile app, you can upload your own pixel animations in .GIF format or create a scrolling text banner, in addition to the 30 pre-loaded animations. If you want to go for a more muted look, but still want to make use of its integrated phone charging capability, the CAT clutch still looks chic without the animations. It is offered in three styles: gold glitter, white marble and blue marble.


Of course, we can’t forget to mention what this clutch can hold. After all, it’s still a bag beyond its cool functions. The dimensions are roughly 7 3/4″ long, 4″ tall and 2″ wide, and it weighs approximately one pound. There’s a small compartment to hold your lipstick or cash, and enough room to fit a phone equivalent to an iPhone 6 Plus or a Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+. The bag also comes with a zippered canvas pouch to store your loose items such as credit cards and change. A finishing touch is the built in mirror that can be personalized with an engraving.

At the heart of the CAT Clutch is a microcontroller. Because of this, you will want to keep your clutch close as it can be damaged if immerse in water or thrown around. The clutch is made from acrylic and comes with a cross body strap. It has 10-12 hours of battery life and a USB port for phone charging. However the phone charger will reduce battery life when in use.


Interested in this wearable art piece? Head over to the CAT’s Kickstarter page, where the team is just about at its $20,000 goal. You can expect to light up the night with the first delivery of units starting October 2016.


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