Protect your things with this picture-taking alarm

This Maker built a simple, Wi-Fi-enabled alarm system with Arduino. 

For those of you tired of your roommate using your things, colleagues taking snacks from your cubicle or classmates stealing stuff from your locker, Stefano Guglielmetti has come up with the perfect solution. That’s because the Maker has developed an Arduino-based alarm system, aptly dubbed You Can’t Touch This! 


With an Arduino Yún (ATmega32U4) at its core, the system is comprised of a PIR sensor, a camera, speakers, a microSD card and an optional USB hub. The idea is pretty straightforward: You discreetly place the device around whatever it is that you’d like to monitor. When movement is detected, the alarm will emit a siren and then proceed to take a picture and email it to you. What’s more, you can shame the thief by automatically posting their photo to friends on Facebook or Twitter via a simple IFTTT recipe.


Even better, the entire project is made up of only a handful of steps. These include configuring the Arduino, installing the camera and sound card, snapping a test pic, running an email script, building the circuit and finally uploading the Sketch to the Yún. Lucky for you, Guglielmetti has shared the entire process on MAKE:including its code and schematics.

Let’s just say, install this alarm in your room, apartment or cubicle, and no one will take your belongings again.

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