Skriware is a one-click 3D printer for your home

Skriware wants to make 3D printers as ubiquitous in our homes as more conventional 2D printers.

Although 3D printers have become more accessible throughout the years, many of today’s affordable models still require some sort of 3D design expertise or CAD knowledge. Cognizant of this, Daniel Losinski set out to create a machine that was intuitive enough for anyone to use, despite their skill set or age. Specifically, he wanted to build an in-home unit that would stand out in a market full of bulky, complex and expensive printers.


With the help of his Stockholm-based team, Losinki has launched Skriware along with a 3D printing marketplace dubbed Skrimarket. This nifty combination allows Makers to print directly from the online hub with the touch of a button.

“Our goal in designing the Skriware printer was to make it as easy and intuitive as possible. That’s why we brought to life a device that can be used by anyone — from a school kid hooked on the newest game figurines to a grandma who wants to surprise her grandchildren with their favorite superhero-shaped cookies!”


Skriware is a wireless gadget that boasts both Wi-Fi and Ethernet connection, and features a full-color LCD touchscreen with a user-friendly interface, a USB port for seamless transferring of files, and an easily removable magnetic print bed.

Though it was crafted to be both affordable and simple to use, the startup touts that the 3D printer is extremely durable, and provides high-quality results that go toe-to-toe with professional-grade equipment. Moreover, Skriware not only supports standard PLA filaments, but PET-G recycled materials as well. Great news for environmentally-conscious Makers!


What really sets Skriware 3D printer apart is that it can be connected to the Skrimarket. With one click, Makers can 3D print designs directly from the online marketplace. There’s no need to adjust, change or process the file. You just choose the model, hit “print” and you’re all set! Within minutes, an object appears on your desk. And for the more experienced bunch, have no worries — you can also download and edit the files available on the Skrimarket.

Skriware measures 330mm x 345mm x 425mm (13.1” x 13.5”x 16.7”) in size and offers a print area of 150mm x 150mm x 130mm (5.9” x 5.9” 5.1”) with up to 50-micron print layer resolution. Meanwhile, the printhead speeds vary for different sections of the print. Outer perimeters have the lowest print speed of 25-40mm/second, as they are crucial for print quality. Infill is printed with 60-80mm/second and travel speed is up to 150mm/second.


Sound like the 3D printer for you? Head over to Skriware’s Kickstarter campaign, where its crew is currently seeking $50,461. Delivery is slated for April 2016.

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