Maker builds her own robotic Wheatley

Hey Portal fans, who wouldn’t want their own Wheatley capable of talking and moving?

Wheatley is a fictional artificial intelligence from the Portal 2 video game franchise. And like any true fan, Maker Genevieve Bee thought it would be cool to build an interactive replica of her own from scratch, complete with both sound and movement.


Wheatley’s body is comprised of blue insulation (XPS) foam, foamed PVC and epoxy putty. For its iconic glowing eye, the Maker used parts of a flashlight, a plastic CD case, some LEDs and a hexagonal plate she made in Photoshop. Meanwhile, a Velleman kit wired to an Adafruit Sound Board and speaker enables the LEDs to flash in unison as Wheatley talks.


Wheatley also has an an Arduino Uno (ATmega328) for a brain, which drives three servos. Two are responsible for moving the eye, while another allows the lid to to open and close. She even created a joystick controller for operating the head and eyelids.

Feeling inspEYEred? Check out the project’s page for more, or see it in action below.


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