One Maker has created the synth from hell

Want a different synth? Just swap the chip for a different program.

Created by Melbourne-based sound designer Roberto Jordan, Hell Synth is a palm-sized experimental synthesizer that comes in both pre-assembled and kit form. Little noise synths are typically limited in the scope of their sound, either because they grind aggressively or drone in massive arrays of humming square-waves. In an effort to develop something a bit different, the Maker packed a whole lot of sounds in his 8cm x 7cm tool, ranging from oceans of glass to lightening fast arpeggios, that will keep anyone twiddling for hours.


The device is equipped with 9V in and comes with an adapter cable so users can also plug in a 9V battery. Aside from that, it features a power indicator LED, audio and media out ports, six knobs and an ATmega328 at its heart. What’s cool is that Hell Synth’s bottom panel is actually the same circuit board as top.

“This is the fifth version of this synth design and the 10th version of the software. I’ve been working to make sure it is fun to use while being full of awesome sounds,” Jordan writes.

Hell Synth currently features three programs, which allows users to control pitch, waveform, along with some chaotic elements that would appeal to any hard rocker. “FROM HELL!” is a hardcore noise synth with six digital wavetable oscillators, tons of glitch, modulation, waveforms, as well as MIDI out. Secondly, “ARP BOX1” is a little arpeggiator with both audio and MIDI out, capable of everything from Casio-style acid crazy to bleepy-bloops. The latest addition, “Zsynth,” is a space radio with slow warping, phasing sweeps, pulsing beats and hums. Jordan notes that users can either download the aforementioned programs or upload their own.

Want one of your own? Head over to the Maker’s page here.

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