This door sensor plays Seinfeld classic riff

Each time someone enters the room, this door emits some iconic Seinfeld tunes.

Everyone who has watched even a little TV instantly recognizes the iconic bass notes from Seinfeld. Well, YouTuber Caliixxs has paid homage to the hit sitcom using an apartment door.


The setup is rather simple: each time someone enters the room, one of the familiar riffs begins to sound. To make this possible, the Maker employed an IR motion detector, an Arduino and an Adafruit Music Maker Shield which enables the board to play audio from an SD card.

“It reads from a microSD card and randomly picks one of however many MP3s found,” Caliixxs explains.

Once the system has been activated, a user must wait seven seconds before it can be triggered again. The clip was initially uploaded to YouTube back in March, but took until now to go viral with nearly 500,000 views.

Luckily, the real apartment door in Seinfeld didn’t feature its own special chime given how often Kramer came busting in and out. Giddy up!

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