TinyGlo+ is an Arduino-compatible board for custom light projects

This ATtiny167-powered lighting solution lets your imagination run wild with three programmable, full-color LEDs.

Watching fireflies certainly stands out as one of the more memorable summertime experiences as a child. Inspired by this natural phenomenon, engineer John Kicklighter decided that he’d create a simple solution that could emulate the dancing of fireflies all year round. This led to the development of TinyGlo, a tiny board with an integrated sensor that could detect when it was nighttime to trigger a blinking light show.


Following its initial success, Kicklighter has come up with an improved iteration of the board. For the next generation, he has included a larger microprocessor, more lights and colors, expandable battery capability, and additional expansion pins for external applications.

TinyGlo+ is a custom lighting controller that can be implemented for a wide range of projects. Aside from all of its original features, like ambient ight sensing, the latest unit packs three programmable, full-color LEDs that encourages Makers to let their imaginations run wild. With an optional LiPo battery and an incredibly compact form factor (1” x 1.5”), TinyGlo+ is perfect for wearable gadgetry or when tinkering on-the-go.


“Add on a microphone to make dancing lights or be the star of the rave with a custom bright LED solution,” Kicklighter explains. “With a low cost, leave TinyGlo+ in your project or combine many of them for a dramatic custom lighting feature.”

Based on the ATtiny167, TinyGlo+ is Arduino-compatible and super easy to program via USB. As Kicklighter mentions, it will prove to be an ideal platform for Makers just starting out to learn and looking to explore electronics. You can even build upon its functionality by adding on external components with the standard SPI, I2C, analog, digital and serial interfaces.


What’s more, TinyGlo+ includes a user programmable push button, an on/off slide switch, an N-Channel MOSFET for driving external applications, a 16Mhz precision crystal for reliable USB operation, and V-USB for programming.

Have a bright idea for TinyGlo+ ? Head over its Kickstarter campaign, where Kicklighter and the JACK Enterprises team are currently seeking $5,000. Delivery is slated for April 2016.

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