The NX1 produces objects 40 times faster than other 3D printers

This incredible fast 3D print creates objects at the speed of one centimeter per minute, without sacrificing quality and accuracy.

Do you feel the need, the need for 3D printing speed? Then one Rome-based startup has quite the thing for you. Nexa3D has unveiled what they call the NX1 3D printer, which boasts printing speeds of up to one centimeter per minute, a rate the company claims is 40 times faster than others on the market and roughly half the price.


Using their patented LSPc (Lubricant Sublayer Photocuring) technology, the NX1 is being billed as the quickest desktop 3D printer to date — a completely standalone device equipped with Wi-Fi access, a native OS and an accompanying app that enables you to print from anywhere.

Powered by four mechanical arms, the NX1 is able to churn out whatever 3D-printed ideas come to mind with ultimate speed — all without sacrificing accuracy and resolution we’ve come to expect from SLA machines. Featuring a sleek unibody frame, the printer combines high quality engineering with an overall experience that’s user-friendly in every way possible. The NX1 offers a build volume of 4.7” x 3.5” x 7.9” (120mm x 90mm x 200mm). Unlike other printers, NX1 doesn’t need screws and bolts either. Instead, the platform is anchored in place with magnets.


Whereas other desktop devices depend on a refill process that involves everything from bottles to gloves, NX1’s unique design employs an integrated resin cartridge system that eliminates any headache-causing refills in the middle of a print job. Simply put your resin cartridge in the slot and the NX1 takes care of the rest. Upon completion, the machine automatically recaptures and reuses any remaining resin left in its tank, making it ready for the next print job without wasting a drop.

“While everybody else was thinking about how to keep users happy as they waited hours and hours for their 3D objects to print, we focused on simply eliminating the wait times in the first place,” its creators explain. “Extreme speed, desktop design, high precision and smart features, make the NX1 different from any other 3D printer.”


Forget about waiting hours upon hours for your high-res object to be finished, the NX1 will have your job done before you can even finish your cup of morning coffee. For instance, a 50mm x 50mm x 50mm cube takes roughly seven and a half minutes, compared to the 250 and 260 minutes of an FDM and SLA printer, respectively.

Ready for a new era of 3D printing? Then head over to NX1’s Kickstarter campaign, where the Nexa3D crew is currently seeking $170,133. Delivery is set for March 2016.

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