Silent Partner is the first smart patch that quiets snoring

Put an end to the sound of snoring, and restore peaceful nights with this noise-cancelling patch.

Do you or someone in your household snore? If so, then you must be all too familiar with restless nights, when the irritating noise keeps you up and leaves you grumpy and resentful in the morning. The anti-snoring products that have been around for a while just don’t work well. Today’s snoring aids can be intrusive and uncomfortable masks, mouth or nose pieces. Sleeping shouldn’t be this complicated! This is why a San Francisco-based team created a solution to end the sound of snoring with natural ease, once and for all.


Silent Partner is a lightweight, compact smart patch that combats snoring noise with active noise cancellation (ANC) technology, which senses the snoring and emits a counter sound to cancel the undesirable and terribly unpleasant one.

Cofounders Netanel Eyal and Yoni Bazak have teamed up and put their heads together to creatively solve a problem that affects millions of households each night. With Silent Partner, they hope you can get a well-deserved and quieter night’s sleep.


Silent Partner was designed to be comfortable, functional and adaptable to faces of all shapes and sizes. The smart patch gently adheres over your nose, and once turned on, Silent Partner’s technology will sense the amplitude and frequency of the disturbing sound wave, and broadcasts a sound wave with an inverted phase in real-time. Based on the physics phenomena of destructive interference, the two waves line up, essentially cancelling out each other’s sound. Silent Partner offers noise reduction, effective from as close as 20cm (8 inches) away, thus creating a silent zone around the person wearing it. Now you or those around you can sleep with no disturbances.

While the Silent Partner still sounds like the anti-snoring nose pieces that are there already, its penny-sized components and technical specifications make it very different from what’s on the market right now. Silent Partner has reusable hypoallergenic, medical-grade adhesives for easy on and off application. It’s equipped with a resonance chamber, sensor, speakers and a microcontroller. Meanwhile, it’s powered by a rechargeable hearing aid battery that will last all night, and will only need replacement about once a year. (Well worth it, if you ask us.)


Ready for quieter nights and refreshed mornings? Head over to Silent Partner’s Indiegogo page, where Eyal, Bazak and the rest of their team have surged right past their goal of $40,000. The first batch of units are slated for delivery by November 2016.

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