Pura Scents is the world’s first smart air freshener

Pura Scents lets you automate the fragrances in your home with your smartphone.

Plug-in air fresheners are great, don’t get us wrong. But sometimes they don’t emit their fragranaces at the right time or give off enough to get overcome a horrible stench. Not to mention, motion-activated ones tend to waste quite a bit of product. Instead, what if you could control those parameters all from your smartphone? That’s the idea behind one Utah-based startup’s latest solution, which is striving to make your home smell better without the hassle.


Pura Scents is a smart air freshener dispenser that plugs directly into your wall socket and can be operated from just about anywhere via your mobile device. Each unit can hold up to two scents at once, so you can alternate aromas depending on time of day, smell intensity and duration of use. There’s even a USB port to ensure that you never lose access to your outlet.

Pura Scents connects with your smartphone via Wi-Fi, and using its accompanying app, allows you to take command of up to 100 dispensers at once. You can define your own schedules by time and room, turn the dispenser on or off, as well as adjust its color LEDs to match the current fragrance being emitted. Heading to bed? The gadget can simply be employed as a nightlight, too.


For now, Pura Scents offers 15 different scents, including an amber, brown sugar and coconut combo, a vanilla, fresh-brewed espresso and cinnamon mix, as well as the classic smell of clean linen. Each month, the startup will introduce new aromas and recommend those to users based on their previous purchases. What’s more, they’ve also created a line geared towards men with scents containing pheromones to help set the mood when the time is right.

The idea was initially conceived after Pura CEO and co-founder Richie Stapler found himself embarrassed whenever family and friends would show up at his house unexpectedly, giving him not time to clean up. And now, that problem can be solved with a mere click of a button. Thanks to the Pura Cloud service, you can remotely access your dispenser while away or while en route back to your place.


We wouldn’t be too surprised to see major manufactures like Glade and Febreeze jump on the bandwagon with Pura Scents-compatible units in the near future. Looking ahead, the team will provide an open API so developers can adapt the product to work with their current smart home gadgets as well.

Ready for a better smelling home? Check out Pura Scents’ Kickstarter campaign, where Stapler and his team are currently seeking $50,000. Delivery is slated for 2016.

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