This mirror lets you instantly take and share your selfie

Think of it as a hands-free selfie stick and then some. 

Not only are selfie sticks sometimes difficult to use, they’ve also been banned in some places like Disney World. With hopes of making the process of taking these pictures easier, the Smart Ltd. team has developed what they’re calling the Selfie Mirror.


It’s exactly what it sounds like, too. Currently in prototype form, the mirror is equipped with a built-in HD camera and 2000 lumens of LED light along its edges so that you can take a professional-grade, hands-free photo right at home. The wall-mounted accessory comes in two different sizes — 27” x 47” and 27” x 31.5” — and will be a welcomed addition to any bedroom or closet.

While the mirror can be used for selfies, it also has more practical applications. Its high-quality photography and hands-free capabilities make the Selfie Mirror an ideal tool for fashion and beauty bloggers, and in professional settings like retail stores, salons and restaurants.


The Selfie Mirror packs a digital amplifier and a Hi-Fi sound system that lets you listen to your favorite tunes, SoundCloud and Internet radio channels as you get ready for a night on the town or try on a new outfit in a fitting room.

Unlike the smaller model that’s perfect for face portraits, the full-body, more business-oriented version features a unique start screen that provides expedited access to Uber, Google Maps, TripAdvisor and other apps related to a user’s needs. And of course, a click of the the ‘selfie’ button will prompt customers to take pics and post them to social networks instantly.


What’s more, its creators boast that the video capabilities of the unit can be used as a surveillance system, a giant Skype screen and a home automation hub. The Selfie Mirror can employ two-way video through its integrated camera along with motion sensors to transmit images directly to your smartphone while out of the house. Plus, you can can control connected gadgets such as door bells, lights and AC units right from its user-friendly dashboard. The mirror even includes four sensors capable of detecting fire, gas leaks, air quality and temperature.

Lastly, entertainment and connectivity  play a huge role in Selfie Mirror’s plans — and rightfully so. We are talking about selfies, after all! Not only can you make video calls, the platform is based on the Android OS and integrates with Facebook, Twitter and a plethora of other apps that let you do everything from access the weather to late-breaking news.

Interested? Head over to the Selfie Mirror’s Indiegogo campaign, where Smart Ltd. is currently seeking $50,000. The first batch of units is expected to ship in May 2016.


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