KeyDuino is like an Arduino with built-in NFC

KeyDuino lets you replace keys with your smartphone, NFC ring or any proximity card.

For a while, near field communication (NFC) was being heralded as the future of the Internet of Things. From mobile payments to digital signage, the possibilities of were endless. Now, French engineer Pierre Charlier and his team are hoping to bring the contactless form of technology to Arduino projects with a development board called KeyDuino.


Based on the ATmega32U4, the KeyDuino shares pretty much the same form factor and DNA as the Arduino Leonardo, and will work with most shields. The board was initially conceived as a method of touch-and-go access control, such as unlocking your car door or opening a private drawer in your room, but has since transcended well beyond just entry. Case in point, the Maker recently devised an NFC-enabled infinity coffee tablemagic gift box and even an easy-to-read smart meter, all of which can be activated by simply tapping your phone.

“KeyDuino will be the bridge that helps you wirelessly interact with your environment, drive motors, unlock strikes, control relays, read from a temperature sensor and all thanks to built in NFC connectivity, right out of the box,” Charlier explains.


In addition to some nifty projects, KeyDuino is also a fantastic way to teach yourself or others about NFC. That’s why Charlier has developed an Android app to streamline and establish peer-to-peer communication. Now with that app, for example, you can control every pin or receive an analog mesure from the KeyDuino without any contact.

Currently live on Kickstarter, the team is hoping that the KeyDuino will help spur NFC adoption and usher in an era where phones, smart rings and proximity cards replace those old-fashioned metal keys. (Hence its name.)


Intrigued? The board’s creators are seeking $10,723 and expect to begin shipping in Februray 2016.

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