Hoko is a portable baby comfort monitor

Hoko is a real-time baby comfort monitor that makes it easier to enjoy outdoor adventures with the whole family.

Being a parent is tough. Making matters even tougher is having to try and decipher how your baby is feeling. And for a vast majority of us who must endure wintry climates, getting young children dressed up for outdoor activities can be quite the task. You’re constantly wondering: Are my little ones comfortable? Are they too warm? Perhaps too cold? This was a challenge that one Montreal startup was determined to solve, helping moms and dads across the world alleviate their stress. Their solution? Hoko.


Hoko is a cute real-time monitor that looks to put an end to the guessing game and bestow a special power unto all parents, one in which gives them a clear glimpse into the mind of infants. Designed particularly for the outdoors, the friendly-looking device is embedded with sensors that measure temperature and humidity levels as they’re felt in a child’s clothing. An ATmega328P at its core analyzes any fluctuations and relays a signal. This data is then communicated to the Hoko interface, which in turn blinks various colors depending on their comfort level, enabling parents to intervene if necessary.

For instance, red represents heat, yellow indicates a rise in humidity, blue signifies a drop in temperature, green means the battery is running low, and white denotes all is well. (White is what every parent wants!) If your kid is happy, you are happy.


How Hoko works is pretty straightforward. Install the small unit into a youngster’s outfit. Hit a switch to activate the monitor. Receive temperature-related discomfort alerts through illuminated colors. It’s as simple as that. And rightfully so, considering all of the stress and frequent uncertainty that parents must endure, Hoko will take care of one piece of the puzzle.

According to its creators and outdoor enthusiasts, Didier Lortie and Nicolas Plourde, the idea for the device was actually conceived to make life easier for themselves. When Lortie had learned that he was becoming a dad, the duo decided that they had to come with a way to keep up with their exciting open-air activities.


“Adventurers at heart, fathers and friends to many new parents, we’re willing to bet that it’s entirely possible to plan outdoor activities with a child without having to compromise your little one’s health or shorten your day,” they explain.

So whether you’re a new father who doesn’t want to sacrifice your love for outdoor adventures or just a mother looking for a something to help ensure that your baby is comfortable, Hoko may be the answer! Intrigued? Head over to its Kickstarter campaign, where Lortie and Plourde are currently seeking $45,571. Delivery is slated for February 2016.

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