These self-rolling, programmable dice will add more fun to game night

With a snap of your fingers, Boogie Dice will begin to roll all by themselves.

While the concept of intelligent dice may not be anything new, one New York-based startup is looking to do something a little different with the ancient accessory. Unlike other Bluetooth-enabled pieces before it, Boogie Dice aren’t looking to only pair with your mobile devices, they are hoping to replace their ‘dumber’ counterparts in your favorite tabletop games from Yahtzee to Monopoly. 


The big difference? Boogie Dice are designed to be sound-activated and roll by themselves, on command. What’s more, they can even be programmed, bringing a new cool factor to game night. Clap your hands, snap yours fingers or bang the table, and the dice will begin to Boogie.

And that’s not all. Boogie Dice are jam-packed with unique features and abilities that transform them from simple ’static’ accessories into interactive gadgets. They can be configured to react to sound, serve as a timer (goodbye hourglasses!), detect motion and even perform random actions to add an element of surprise to the excitement. To make this possible, each die is equipped with a vibration motor, a microphone, a rechargeable 100mAh battery, an array of three LED lights and a microcontroller (an Arduino was employed in development). What’s more, players can adjust noise sensitivity, roll duration and even LED sequences using its accompanying mobile app.


By default, a Boogie Dice rolls for two to four seconds, emitting a blue light, then stops and glows purple for one second. After a minute without use, the dice goes to sleep. Since they’re programmed by sound, there’s no need to pair or plug anything in. When customizing the dice, they’ll start to blink with their red and blue LEDs, followed by a steady blue light to indicate that the programming was successful.

Boogie Dice are good for up to 30 minutes of continuous rolling or 500 activations, before needing to be refueled. When this occurs, simply place the die onto its charging station and they’ll be ready to go again in approximately 40 minutes.


And while you may not see a pair of magical dice at the craps table anytime soon, you can find them on Kickstarter. Want a set of magical dice for your next game night? Roll over to Boogie Dice’s campaign, which is getting ready to wrap up. Creator Nimrod Back and his team have already garnered well over their asking goal of $50,000, and delivery is expected to get underway in March 2016.

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