This photo booth snaps zombie selfies and tweets them

This selfie booth is like something straight out of The Walking Dead.

What can we say? We’re a sucker for innovative photo booth projects. And although we’ve seen some pretty cool ones in the past, none may be as spooktacular and gruesome as this one from Donnie Plumly.


This Halloween, the Maker decided to transform his cubicle into a scene like something straight out of The Walking Dead. The aptly named Zombie Selfie is comprised of a molded silicone arm, which is clipped onto his office partition via a custom steel mount, and a vibration sensor that’s hooked up to an Arduino Uno (ATmega328).

The Arduino detects when one of his colleagues touches (or slaps) the zombie hand, thereby triggering the picture-taking sequence. An IR LED helps snap the photo, which is then sent along to an Eye-Fi card in his Canon camera. From there, the selfie is put into a Dropbox folder and an IFTTT recipe tweets the image to the Twitter handle @ZombieSelfie.


And similar to our good pal Quin Etynre’s B&W Instant Selfie project, Plumly connected the camera to a monitor so that users could preview their photo. What’s more, he turned the sleep functions off on the camera and the monitor so the last image taken would always be displayed.

Intrigued? You can ghoul check out the entire project on Instructables here.

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