This wearable device provides safety with one push of a button

For when pepper spray won’t do the trick, Athena emits a loud alarm and messages loved ones with your location. 

Did you know that a woman in the U.S. is attacked every two minutes? This is a startling statistic that inspired Philadelphia-based entrepreneur Yasmine Mustafa to launch ROAR for Good, a startup whose mission is to empower women, reduce assaults and transform society. Their first product, Athena, is a discreet piece of smart jewelry that will alert family, friends and nearby pedestrians in an emergency.


The pendant can be worn as a necklace or clipped onto any item of clothing. By holding down its recessed button for three seconds, a loud 85 decibel alarm will emit from the accessory (that’s louder than a freight train 50 feet away) and a text message will be immediately sent to a group of contacts listed in its accompanying app. These recipients will also receive a map showing your location, directions and the opportunity to call you or 911.

Athena also comes with a silent mode, which is particularly useful in situations where a wearer wouldn’t want the attacker to know that the device has been triggered. Using this SilentROAR feature, an alert message can be sent without the alarm being activated.


The wearable’s electronics are housed inside a water-resistant shell with a non-slip silicone front and a lightweight aluminum back, and boasts a three month battery life. It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth in order to generate the GPS location and summon help via the companion app. Athena even has a distinctive raised texture to help guide your finger to the button in the middle of the gadget, making it super easy and intuitive to call for help.

Its creators have crafted the jewelry with modularity in mind, so that as they come out with new designs and colors, the face of Athena can be easily snapped out and replaced, providing maximum customization for even the biggest fashionistas. For its launch, the wearable will come with three differently-colored metal backings — antique silver, timeless black and rose gold.


Does this sound like a safety device that you or someone you know would like to have at all times? Head over to Athena’s Indiegogo campaign, where the ROAR for Good team has garnered over $65,000. Delivery is slated for June 2016.

2 thoughts on “This wearable device provides safety with one push of a button

  1. Kristin

    I would love this for my kids not for myself.but it would have to be changed lets say someboyd is trying to kidnapp my child and my child is in the persons car he would have this under his shirt without the kidnapper knowing and can press the button for us to know he is in danger and we could locate him but if the alarm will sound off the kidnapper will know and probably take it away and throw it out the window and i will never find my you should also make these for kids where it will mot sound a alarm when activated



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