These two parents just built a ‘Mad Max’ Power Wheels

These kids’ Halloween costumes are sooooooo much cooler than yours. 

If you think kids are the only ones that can have a blast on Halloween, you’ve clearly never seen Maker parents Cory and Jeremy Newton-Smith, who’ve become well-known for devising some pretty remarkable costumes throughout the past few years. Most recently, the retrofitted a couple of old Power Wheels Jeeps and transformed them itnto a Mad Max trick-or-treating vehicle for their two children.


The Newton-Smiths, both software engineers by trade and Makers by night, are no strangers to creating elaborate Halloween ensembles. Their past three getups have included Elliot on his bike with E.T., the Ghostbusters complete with an Ecto-1, and Marty McFly with a time-traveling DeLorean. And this year, they pulled out all the stops once again by dressing up their four-year-old son as Mad Max and their 11-month old daughter as Imperator Furiosa.


The Power Wheels-based War Rig replica boasts four motors, a smooth starting throttle, power steering, keyed ignition, sounds effects with pull cord truck air-horn and LEDs embedded into the dash, as well as the ability for 11-month-old Furiosa to drive via an overriding remote-controlled iPhone app that communicates with the car over Bluetooth Low Energy. Aside from all that, a heartbeat signal was also added to remote override mode to ensure the car stops when losing connection or goes out of range, which is probably best when you’ve got young ones behind the wheel!


Intrigued? Head over to the Newton-Smith’s page to see all the photos, along with their famous projects from previous years as well.

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