Maker dad creates an El Niño Halloween costume with lightning and rain effects

Another Halloween, another incredible Glowy Zoey costume! 

We’re not sure what we get more excited about every Halloween: the endless supply of candy or GlowyZoey’s costumes which have become an annual tradition in the Hutain household. Royce Hutain, the Maker dad behind digital LED suit projects like last year’s Minnie Mouse stick figure getup, has done it again. This time, he has pulled out all the stops to create a slick cloud costume, complete with special lightning and rain effects.

GR2KwA7 - Imgur

Inspired by El Niño (the band of warm ocean water that develops in the central and east-central equatorial Pacific), Zoey’s outfit consists of 98 LEDs and an Arduino Nano (ATmega328) to control the lightning. There’s also a hidden, handheld switch that triggers a rain system above her head, comprised of a washer fluid pump that sucks water up from a bottle in her backpack.

The cloud hat “turned out to be a little bit too big for her little neck to support and her head wobbled a bit,” Hutain explains. “But she loves making the rain turn on.” As cool as the project may be, Zoey has decided she wants to go as Elsa for Halloween this year instead. LOL! You can see it in action below!

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