Make your home healthier (and smarter) with Beagle

Beagle is your home’s best friend: a range of smart sensors to monitor air quality, humidity, air pressure, and noise and light levels.

Americans spend about 90% of their time indoors, but did you know that the air within our homes could be more polluted than outdoor air? Many sources can contribute to indoor pollution, from inadequate ventilation, to wet or damp carpet, to high indoor temperatures and humidity, and more. With so much time spent inside, the overall environment matters when it comes to our health. But addressing those factors can be laborious and potentially expensive, so how can we breathe easy and live comfortably in our homes without breaking the bank and our backs?


Beagle can do the work for you, and we’re not talking about an animal (although its concept is similar to a canary in a coal mine). Developed by Ottawa-based startup Beagle Sense, this range of smart sensors for your home can monitor and alert you on the things that contribute to you and your family’s health. Each Beagle has its own sensing task, and its portability allows you to put a sensor anywhere you want to keep tabs on things. It can sniff out air quality, air pressure, humidity, noise and light levels and even temperature.

A few tricks Beagle can show you include: monitoring light levels that keep your drowsiness low and productivity high while working; alerts on humidity and air pressure that may trigger headaches, migraines, or joint pain; and letting you know the suitable temperatures for sleeping.


There is no need to train your Beagle. Rather, it has an easy 3-step installation: simply plug in the Beagle base station to a power source, then connect it to your Wi-Fi network and pair it with your laptop or smartphone to access its web interface and mobile app, respectively. Beagle can inform you on changes to make in your home, such as opening a window to improve air quality, or notifying you about leaks in your basement to prevent mold. They can also be stacked together for customization and to deliver comprehensive insight on how to optimize your environment.

Suppose you want to track sleep quality in your room or the nursery, you can place the light, indoor noise, and temperature Beagles together, and the Beagle Serenity Score can help ensure a restful sleep. Now you’re fully connected and the master of your own house!


The Beagle sensors use Bluetooth to communicate with its base station, and are magnetic, so it can sit still wherever you put it. It doesn’t take much to keep your system up and running, and only requires a yearly change of AAA batteries. Plus, each sensor stores up to two weeks of data if your Wi-Fi connectivity drops, or if the power goes out.

Ready to unleash a healthier home? Head over to Beagle’s Kickstarter page, where the team is currently seeking $50,065. The first batch of units is expected to ship in May 2016 — just in time to begin opening up your windows for some fresh spring air!

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