HAIZE is a smart compass for urban cyclists

This “magical compass” will always point to where you want to go using its LED display.

HAIZE is a new type of navigation system designed for cyclists, particularly those commuting throughout a city. The device works like a magic compass in the sense that, instead of pointing north, it points to the destination you set in its accompanying mobile app. Ultimately, it will help make your ride safer by letting you keep your smartphone in your pocket and eyes on the road.


The brainchild of London-based startup onomo, HAIZE can easily be attached to any bicycle via its integrated rubber band and is compact enough that you can always bring it wherever you go. Once affixed to your handlebar, simply define the destination in its companion app, put your phone away and allow HAIZE to guide you from point A to B. Its 23-LED display will show you the way as well as keep you abreast of the distance to your destination.

Using HAIZE’s minimalistic screen, you’ll have all the information you need at a glance. Both direction and distance are represented by a set of outer and central LEDs, respectively. You can select between two different modes of navigation: compass mode that points you in the direction of your final destination as you make your way throughout the city streets freely and navigation mode that shares a specific route with turn-by-turn notifications.


While being used as a compass, an outer LED will point toward your destination while an inner LED will blink faster the closer you get to your journey’s end. If the central light ever becomes red, that means you’re going further out of the way. When navigating, the amount of outer LEDs will denote the distance remaining and any upcoming turns. When it’s time to go left or right, only the outer LED will appear while the central light will flash white in shorter intervals the closer you get to your final stop.

Housed inside its anodized aluminum shell lies an ATmega328 at its core, along with an accelerometer and gyroscope to determine position, a magnetometer to track direction, a light sensor to regulate the LED brightness in various conditions and a rechargeable 300mAh battery that offers two weeks of use. Aside from that, HAIZE uses an embedded Bluetooth 4.0 module to communicate with its smartphone app.


Looking ahead, the team hopes to utilize all of its embedded hardware to locate friends, monitor ride activity, collect trip data, receive incoming calls and text messages, as well as detect accidents and automatically alert emergency contacts. Sound like a system you’d like to mount onto your handlebar? Race over to HAIZE’s Kickstarter campaign, where onomo is currently seeking $76,645. Units are expected to begin shipping in June 2016 — just in time for summer!

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