This smart recycling bin will sort the trash for you

RecycleBot is a smart appliance that makes recycling easy by automatically depositing waste into the correct bin.

We’ve all been there: You’re committed to helping save the environment by recycling, but find yourself contemplating which bin each piece of trash belongs. Wouldn’t it be much easier if there was automatic waste disposal machine that could streamline the process for you? That’s now a reality thanks to Maker Damiano Franco.


RecycleBot is an automated recycling system that will scan the package of whatever it is you’re throwing away and ensure that it is sorted into the right material category, alleviating the headache of having to decipher resin codes on your own. Based on an Arduino along with a Yun Shield, the DIY appliance is designed to fit below a kitchen countertop, and when installed, remains unnoticeable except for the insertion hole built directly into your granite.

Recently on display at Maker Faire Rome, the RecycleBot is fairly straightforward to use. Once your trash has been deposited, the device will scan the barcode of the box, can or carton being thrown away and then automatically check its web-based database for its material. If the piece of garbage doesn’t have a barcode, you can simply manually select the material as well. Or, should the item not be found on, you can update the list yourself for future use. From there, the bot places the item on a motorized tray to dispose of it properly into the right container. No more guessing, color-coded bins, or getting yelled at by your significant other for misplacement!

What’s more, the robotic contraption does more than just sort and store your trash. In fact, it can create weekly shopping lists, provide real-time data for recycling companies and be used to calculate waste collection tax breaks, where applicable. Looking ahead, its creators hope to integrate a compactor into their next iteration of RecycleBot to optimize garbage capacity, as well as as include special sensors that’ll automatically detect an item’s composition without having to scan a barcode. The machine will come in various shapes and sizes, and can even be employed in public places — something that may come in handy at future Maker Faires!

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