Maker builds a Mjölnir replica that only he can lift

Watch as this magical, Arduino-powered hammer trick people on Venice Beach. 

Inspired by Thor from The Avengers, engineer Allen Pan (known to the YouTube world as Sufficiently Advanced) has created his own real-life Mjölnir replica. Much like the comic book and movie, this magical hammer could only be wielded by “worthy” individuals, which in this case is anyone who could figure out that the object is impossible to lift as long as it’s on a metal surface. That is, of course, you have the YouTuber’s fingerprints.


Using a capacitive touch sensor connected to the large hammer’s handle, an Arduino Pro Mini (ATmega328), four 12V batteries, a solid-state relay as a switching device and an electromagnet taken from an old microwave transformer, Pan was able to build a Mjölnir that only he could pick up. This system works by creating an extremely strong magnetic pull, which is so strong that, it feels too heavy to lift when placed on a metal surface like a manhole cover.

Before taking his invention to the streets of Venice Beach, he registered his thumbprints to the embedded fingerprint scanner and proceeded to trick unsuspecting onlookers into trying to lift the mystical tool. Once someone grasps the handle, the electromagnets switch on, clinging the hammer to the metal. When the Maker moves his thumb over the sensor, it switches off again, allowing him to lift the Mjölnir with ease.

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