RoBoHoN is a cute robot that doubles as a smartphone

Sharp’s new humanoid can dance, play games and serve as your personal assistant. 

Most smartphones today look alike. Despite a few differences here and there, a vast majority consist of a rectangular device, a large touchscreen display, a few buttons and some ports for your earbuds and charging. They easily fit in your hand and slide into your pocket, but when off, don’t offer much to look at. However, what if you converged the functionality of that smartphone with the shape and capabilities of a cute little robot? That’s exactly what Sharp has done with RoBoHon.


Resembling a robotic pal like Pepper mixed with a LEGO figurine, the aptly named RoBoHon stands roughly seven inches tall and is capable of doing just about everything your phone does — make calls, send emails, receive texts, etc. but with a smile and the extremely lovable face of a humanoid, of course.

First revealed at CEATEC 2015, RoBoHon is equipped with a camera, a projector, a mic, built-in speakers, as well as a facial and voice recognition system. Although it can be controlled by speaking to it, there is also a small two-inch touchscreen on his back for more complex actions.


As a robot, it can stand up, walk, sit and even dance to downloaded tunes. It can wave its arms when talking, play music, check your calendar and offer reminders like a personal assistant, help you navigate while driving, or simply act as companion when you’re alone. Plus, RoBoHon can serve as an alarm clock and wake you up in the morning through sound and movement.

The gadget runs on a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor, and packs 3G, LTE and 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi connectivity. And when it’s time to be used as a phone, it will indicate an incoming call by illuminating the lights around its eyes and raising a hand to its ear. RoBoHon will then reposition its limbs slightly forward to mimic the shape of a handset as you bring it near.

Okay, so using RoBoHon to make calls looks a little weird, but watching him get his groove on is well worth it. Right? See it all for yourself in the video below!

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