The Gizmos and Gadgets Kit is the ultimate Maker’s toolbox

littleBits has launched a new kit that enables young Makers to build a wide range of new DIY projects.

Over the last four years, littleBits has transcended from just a small New York-based startup into one of the most monumental names empowering the Maker Movement. During this time, the team has launched over 70 tiny, modular Bits and 13 exciting kits, many of which powered by Atmel MCUs.


After receiving some feedback from customers, littleBits realized that its existing kits may not have been intuitive enough for beginners, nor did it have enough components to keep young Makers interested with ‘replayability.’ Cognizant of that, they have unveiled a brand-spankin’ new Gizmos & Gadgets Kit that promises to deliver an enhanced experience that’ll enable users to bring their ideas to life in ways like never before.

This complete invention toolbox is packed with everything you could possibly need to build one of 12 interactive devices with easy, step-by-step instructions, as well as thousands of others available online and through the accompanying littleBits app. In total, the kit comes with 15 electronic building blocks including a light sensor, slide dimmers, a power module, a bargraph, electric motors, wheels, a wireless receiver and transmitter, and all the cables necessary to start making remote-controlled cars, bubble blowing machines, arcade games, and even mischief systems for spooking friends and family.


“The pride of inventing something is addictive, and it stays with you for life,” CEO and founder Ayah Bdeir explains. “The littleBits Gizmos & Gadgets Kit provides kids, and creative people of all ages, the roadmap to invent amazing devices with an easy­to­follow guide. But the beauty of the kit is that once the training wheels come off and people feel comfortable with the tools, people can invent virtually anything they imagine.”

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