Pebblebee Stone is a shortcut button for your everyday life

The Stone is a two-in-one device, combining the possibilities of a multi-function button with the helpfulness of a tracker.

No matter how efficiently a person may think they manage their daily lives, it is inevitable that at some point they will find an item to be out of place — whether that’s forgetting where they put their keys, leaving a backpack behind at the coffee shop, or learning that their pet has wandered away from home. Fortunately, one Seattle-based startup has devised a simple Bluetooth tracker that’ll come to the rescue when such scenarios should arise. What’s more, the device not only tags things to be found later, but helps simplify everyday tasks.


With a motion sensor and range finder incorporated into the Stone, a user will have a peace of mind knowing that their beloved things are safe and sound, just where they left them. Aside from its location-based capabilities, the pocket-sized gizmo packs a temperature sensor for measuring ambient temperatures, which can warn a user of things like whether their car is too hot in the morning or if the wine cellar isn’t at the appropriate climate. Beyond that, the gadget can be employed to receive real-time, localized weather information — since apps are typically generalized by city.

“We have tens of thousands of active Pebblebee users growing on a daily basis. The best part is now you don’t need our app running in order to locate your lost items! Anytime someone with the app just installed on their phone passes within range of your Pebblebee, you’ll get notified with the location pinned on your map. This essentially expands your reach to anywhere in the world,” its creators explain.


However, what truly sets this tracker apart from countless others on the market is an integrated button that serves as a shortcut for anything a smartphone app would typically do. This can be initiating a call, sending a text while driving, taking a selfie with friends, sending an alert when in danger, ordering a pizza, or triggering an IFTTT recipe such as locking the front door and turning on the outside lights. Users easily create these recipes using the incredibly popular online platform and the accompanying Pebblebee Stone app.

With regards to the “Einstein of all buttons,” the app can be configured in one of three different ways. Users can either manually select actions whenever the button is pressed, preset it to automatically change based on the time of day, or activate the so-called ‘smart mode’ that learns a user’s preferences and habits over time, then adapts accordingly.


“Choose from thousands of button recipes, or craft your own. Launch your GPS app and send a pinned location. Control your Spotify playlist. Send a text when you’re running late. The recipe possibilities are endless,” the team adds.

As for its hardware, the Stone is equipped with a Bluetooth Low Energy module, a motion and an on-chip diode temperature sensor, a momentary push button, a 3V Li-ion battery, and of course, an Atmel AT24C512C to handle its memory. These electronics are all housed inside a rugged, water resistant ABS shell. Meanwhile, the unit is powered by iBeacon, which allows your smartphone to detect your Stone and automatically interact with it regardless of whether the Pebblebee app is running.


Are you prone to losing things or merely a worrywart? The Stone, which is currently live on Kickstarter, comes in three colors: glacier white, cascade grey and onyx black. Those interested can head over to its official campaign page here.

3 thoughts on “Pebblebee Stone is a shortcut button for your everyday life

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  2. noludwe made

    who created the pebblebee,where and when. is it available in south africa if so which shops can one get hold of this device.



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