Unique can turn any watch into a smartwatch

This strap discretely adds smart features to any ‘dumb’ watch.

Smartwatches are pretty useful — but despite advancements in technology, a lot of us still value the look and feel of a traditional or classic timepiece. If you wish you could keep your Rolex watch yet also have some of today’s connected features, the makers of Unique have good news for you.


The brainchild of Polish startup uBirds, Unique is a luxury, handmade strap that replaces your watch’s original strap and transforms it into a smartwatch. It gives you the best of both worlds — the look of your favorite wrist-worn accessory with all the capabilities of modern-day devices.

Hidden in the strap lies a discreet multi-color LED, vibration alerts and gesture recognition, allowing you to receive notifications, reject calls, send pre-written texts, monitor your fitness, store your passes and even be reminded if you leave your phone behind. On top of all that, it can all be customized to a wearer’s liking.


With cutting edge technology, Unique integrates electronic components into the strap so the functions aren’t visible on the strap itself. What’s nice is that the unit still fits nicely with any conventional timepiece, meaning any treasured heirloom or precision chronograph can be turned into an IoT-friendly gadget. Leveraging gesture recognition, users can now control their phone directly from the strap, as well as integrate near field communication.

Once connected via Bluetooth, users can configure their strap’s capabilities and displayed information using its accompanying app. According to its creators, this includes everything from programming the NFC tag with your business card, hotel room key or gym membership to tracking fitness goals and counting calories with every step.


As for battery power, Unique can run for two to three days with frequent use. Charging is simple, too — just give the watch strap a boost using its included wireless inductive charger. Interested? Then it’s ‘time’ to check out their Kickstarter page, where they are currently seeking $50,000. Delivery is slated for sometime in April 2016.

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