Evapolar is the world’s first personal air conditioner

This Arduino-powered device not only cools the air, it humidifies and cleans it as well. 

Especially in the summertime, finding the perfect indoor temperature to accommodate others can be quite challenging. Some offices and schools blast the air conditioning to help with airflow, but this results in goosebumps even when it’s hot outside. At home, people often like to save energy and money, making conditions at home very uncomfortable and sweaty. Luckily, there’s now a solution to this common conundrum.


Aside from simply cooling you down, Evapolar is a personal air conditioner that humidifies and purifies the air around you. The device can sit on your desk, nightstand or tabletop, enabling you to enjoy your own climate, tailored to your temperature needs. It is even more natural, saving energy and money, as well as spreading coolness much like how air moves in nature, rather than producing a strong thread of cold air. In fact, the sleek gadget is eco-friendly and 12 times more energy efficient than its conventional counterparts.

Evapolar is portable and very easy to use. According to its creators, the device works by using the power of water evaporation and evaporative nanomaterial with mineral fibers. It absorbs a large amount of water and produces extremely intensive evaporation from its surface. The characteristics of the nanomaterial allow the size of the device to be even smaller, at one-tenth the size of your typical AC window unit.


Impressive, it takes less only one minute for the cooling effect to kick in and adjust the climate of your desired area with a radius of up to nine feet. Measuring just six inches all around, Evapolar is built around the versatile Arduino Nano (ATmega328). It includes a 710ml water tank and boasts a maximum cooling power of 500W. For its Indiegogo debut, the gadget is available in both white and back, but following the campaign will provide Makers with the option of building their own customizable prototype.

“We believe that technologies should serve in simple things every day. Evapolar is based on the unique technology, but we would like you to enjoy it every day instead of thinking about its complexity,” the startup’s co-founder Eugene Dubovoy explains.

Interested in keeping your cubicle or dorm room cool? Head over to Evapolar’s Indiegogo campaign, where the team is currently seeking $100,000. Delivery is slated for June 2016 — just in time to beat the summer heat!

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