Block ads and charge your phone with InvizBox Go

InvizBox Go is a portable privacy device that can connect to public Wi-Fi and act as a Tor or VPN gateway.

In the form of a small box, InvizBox Go solves true problems that people face on a regular basis. Although just about every hotel, airport and coffee shops has a hotspot these days, browsing the web while connected to one isn’t necessarily secure.


Fortunately, InvizBox Go was created to safeguard your activities from anywhere — whether that’s online, at home, or while out and about — by serving as a security gateway to wireless networks for computers and mobile devices. Not only was it designed to protect, but it boasts several other features like the ability to block ads without installing anything, recharge your portable gadgets, and even extend your Wi-Fi network. The connection keeps you from being tracked and profiled by people, governments, companies and hackers using a connection to VPN or the Tor anonymity network.

“You can simultaneously connect every Wi-Fi-enabled device in your house to the InvizBox Go to secure them all. You connect just like you would with your normal Wi-Fi,” the team explains. “You can also take it with you while traveling to keep all of your devices safe from untrusted public networks.”


InvizBox Go serves as a Wi-Fi access point and a power source for smartphones and tablets when plugged into a USB port. What’s more, it enables you to view blocked content from anywhere in the world, as well as gain full access to TV shows, sports and programming in areas where it would otherwise be nearly impossible to receive.

“One of the great features when using our fast VPN network is the ability to watch all your favorites online media anywhere you are — making the Internet truly global. Believe it or not, some services restrict or block content depending on where you are. We’ve designed the InvizBox Go to work in those scenarios by the utilizing our global VPN service,” the crew adds.


InvizBox Go’s software is entirely open source, providing two major benefits. First, it gives other security experts the ability to examine the project, ensuring optimal security, and secondly, it lets the user see that there is nothing malicious in the code. Aside from the standard Tor client, the device can also use Tor’s “pluggable transports” in the form of obfs2/obfs3/scramblesuit to mask Tor’s traffic signature and prevent its detection by deep packet inspection firewalls.

Beyond that, InvizBox Go packs a few more privacy features. These include built-in “HTTPS Everywhere,” which attempts to elevate insecure HTTP to secure HTTPS whenever possible, along with optional blocking of the Windows 10 “tracking domains.” Intrigued? Head over to its official Kickstarter page, where InvizBox is seeking $113,377. Units are expected to begin shipping in February 2016.

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