Turn your kitchen toaster into a reflow soldering oven

Reflowster turns your standard toaster oven into an easy-to-use reflow soldering oven without breaking the bank.

If you recall from its successful Kickstarter campaign last year, Reflowster is an Arduino-compatible, ATmega32U4 powered smart outlet designed to instantly turn your toaster oven into a reflow soldering station.


The system works by simply plugging in between your toaster oven and power outlet. An included thermocouple is inserted into the Reflowster and is placed inside the toaster oven to measure the temperature. From there, the toaster oven is put into “always on” mode which can typically be accomplished by dialing the timer back a few degrees.

“Reflowster does need to be paired with a toaster oven to work, but unlike many DIY solutions Reflowster requires no toaster modification — no need to cut cables or risk electrocution,” the team writes.


Meanwhile, Reflowster’s encoder and LED display allows Makers to easily navigate menus and choose either a standard soldering profile or a custom option.

“Once the reflow process is started, Reflowster turns the power to the toaster oven on until a soak temperature is reached,” its creators explain. “Reflowster waits for the configured soak duration and then turns the oven back on until the peak temperature is reached.”


Aside from the versatile ATmega32U4 MCU at its core, Reflowster is equipped with an LED status indicator, a three-digit LED display, a microUSB jack, a thermocouple port and a 15A relay-controlled outlet, along with the aformentioned encoder and button for menu navigation.

Being that Reflowster is fully compatible with the Arduino IDE, users can upload new code to repurpose Reflowster to do a wide range of other things. Indeed, the thermocouple, relay, LED display and encoder make the device a perfect platform for a variety of alternative projects such as a temperature controlled fan, circadian light timer, outlet with an automatic shutoff, easy bake oven, incubator and perhaps even a sous-vide machine.

Intrigued? Check out Reflowster’s official page here.

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