Nibble is a pocket-sized development platform for Makers

Wi-Fi connectivity + OLED display + SD card + IR transmitter = An Arduino variant that Makers will love.

Designed for Makers and electronic enthusiasts, Nibble is a credit card-sized, Arduino-like device that can be used to create projects, devise games or simply learn the basics of programming.


Nibble crams everything a DIYer could possibly need in a development platform into a form factor that can be easily pocketed and carried on the go. Based on an ATmega328P, the gadget is equipped with a 802.11 b/g/n programmable Wi-Fi module, a 128×64-pixel OLED display, a microSD slot for data and charging, an IR transmitter, a two-channel piezo speaker and a 300mAh LiPo battery that lasts for roughly six to eight hours. These electronics are all housed inside a somewhat transparent 3D-printed enclosure.


On top of all that goodness, Nibble features eight pushbuttons (that come with variously colored replacement caps) that are perfect for playing handheld games along with an expansion port for ICSP, I2C, digital and analog pins. According to creator Simone Picchioni, “Thanks to the expansion port, Nibble is able to read inputs (pushbutton, Twitter message, sun light) and turn it into an output (turning on an LED, moving a motor).”


The Maker has open sourced an Arduino library exclusively for Nibble, which you can use to develop games and utilities. Looking ahead, Picchioni will also provide examples and tutorials.

Intrigued? Check out Nibble’s Kickstarter campaign, where Picchioni is currently seeking $31,760.

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