BLTouch is an auto leveling sensor for 3D printers

Your 3D printer doesn’t have an automated bed leveling system? Not to worry! 

As any Maker will tell you, having to manually level the bed of your 3D printer can be a rather tedious task. Between ensuring that it’s level and that the print nozzle is the right distance away, this is a headache that most of us would like to avoid. Unfortunately, despite all the technology being crammed inside these printers, many of today’s device still lack an automatic bed leveling system — a problem that Charles Lee is hoping to change.


BLTouch is an auto leveling sensor that can be easily installed on pretty much any open source FFF 3D printer, and will work with a range of materials from glass to metal. The unit consists of an ATtiny13A, a solenoid and a push pin, and uses the same servo signal as its previously attached servo motor.

“You can connect BLTouch with an existing servo motor connector (three-pin) and Zmin connector (two-pin). If your 3D printer does not have the auto leveling function, then you should have it updated, and add the two connectors which are enclosed [with our product]. In this process, soldering might be needed,” Lee explains.


The BLTouch is noiseless when in standby mode as well. Instead of emitting those annoying “servo motor” sounds like other leveling systems, this sensor makes just a small clicking noise as the push pin moves. The device also features an power saving system. While in idle mode, the power flow of the solenoid remains below 15mA, and around 800mA while in use.

Additionally, the push pin is capable of self-testing and will blink an LED light should a problem be found. According to Lee, the machine could be disassembled using nothing more than an Allen wrench, and any issue can likely be solved by simply wiping the pin.


Interested? Head over to BLTouch’s Indiegogo page, where its team is currently seeking $20,000. Pending all goes to plan, delivery is slated for November 2015.

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