This 3D-printed wearable is part wristwatch, part breathalyzer

Maker designs a wearable device that lets you know the time and if you’ve had too much to drink.

While it may need some refining before you ever wear it for a night out on the town, this recent wristwatch from mechanical engineer David Ng is pretty cool nevertheless. Admittedly, seeing it takes up nearly five inches of real estate along your lower arm, the device is more of a gauntlet than a bracelet.


The watch is comprised of a seven segment LED display, a three-axis motion sensor, an alcohol sensor, a real-time clock module and an Arduino as its brain. Powered by a USB power bank, the electronics are all housed inside a 3D-printed case and band.

The display is controlled by the motion sensor, which triggers the lights on as he lifts up his arm to read the time. When his arm returns to the resting position, it automatically switches off. Not only can a wearer use the device to check the time as it gets late, but can do a quick breath check before leaving a bar or party to ensure that they are in okay shape to drive home. If the alcohol content in their breath is a wee too strong, an alarm will sound alerting them that it may be best to summon a taxi or Uber ride.

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