PetBot will automatically send you selfies of your pet

PetBot is a smart device that allows you to engage with your pet remotely and to detect when they’re active using artificial intelligence. 

Ask any pet owner and they’ll all tell you the same thing: leaving your cat or dog can be tough. No matter if it’s heading out to the office in the morning or vacationing for a week, it’s quite normal to miss your companion. And whereas humans have FaceTime and Skype to converse with others while away, shouldn’t there be way that you could still connect with your furry companion in similar fashion?


Introducing PetBot, a smart device that lets you engage with your pet remotely — and have them send you selfies. Not only does its built-in camera provide you with a livestream of your beloved animal’s daily routine, it uses artificial (or “petificial”) intelligence to detect, record and notify you when they’re active. What’s more, an accompanying app allows you to communicate with your voice and dispense treats from afar.

PetBot’s AI technology works by recognizing when your cat or dog comes into the camera’s field of view, which triggers it to begin recording. It then uses audio you select to call your pet closer to get a good shot for a selfie. Once the photo is captured, you can share it with your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram followers, while a treat is dispensed for them.


Aside from that, PetBot is an excellent way to train and incentive your pets. The unit enables you to play commands and reinforce behavior with a treat when they listen. The device also features bark recognition, which will perceive a sound from your pet and alert you so that you can stay on top of what’s going on at home. It can even reduce separation anxiety, too. Simply upload MP3 files or record an audio clip of your own for continual playback to good ol’ Fido or Whiskers.

Lastly, PetBot features integrated Bluetooth capabilities for connecting it to existing wearables, such as collars and trackers, and relay the information to PetBot’s soon-to-be-developed Pet Care Hub for automatic updates and real-time insight.

Alright, pet lovers… sound like something you’d love to have? Head over to PetBot’s Indiegogo page, where the team is currently seeking $80,000. Delivery is slated for next spring.

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