HAIKU is a connected dashboard device for your bike

HAIKU is a tiny device that puts important information on your handlebar, and keeps your smartphone in your pocket.

A few weeks ago, smart water bottles had taken crowdfunding sites by storm. As of late, it seems like several startups are launching innovative ways to make bikes intelligent and improve cyclist safety. The latest product on that list: HAIKUa small device that sits on your handlebar and provides you with a simple and convenient way to access information while riding. However, unlike others before it that have relied solely on illuminated lights, this gadget actually spells everything out in text, numbers and arrows.


Like a smartwatch optimized for your bike, the HAIKU boasts a touch-free user interface that enables you to monitor your speed, check the time, follow turn-by-turn directions from Google Maps, and receive notifications without ever having to stop and reach into your pocket. Just take it out of the box, pair it with your smartphone over Bluetooth, install the mount on your handlebar and you’re good to go!

In standby mode, HAIKU will remain off until you wave your hand above its screen. This will turn on the display, revealing a set of LEDs that represent each category of information available: yellow for navigation, green for the bike’s dashboard, and blue for incoming calls or text messages. You can easily switch between function by simply swiping over the device.


“You keep the control to access information when you are safe (at red traffic lights, in a cycle lane, etc.) so that you can enjoy your smooth and safe ride. Of course, it works with your winter gloves and under the rain,” the team writes.

Upon arriving at your destination, unplug your docked unit and your ride data will be uploaded seamlessly to the cloud, where it can be reviewed later. In terms of hardware, the team has worked relentlessly over the past two years to finalize their circuitry — beginning with various Arduino boards and migrating to their own custom PCB. HAIKU’s battery can last for about a week with normal use (roughly 12 hours) and recharged via USB.


Ready for a bike assistant? Head over to its Kickstarter campaign, where the ASPHALT Lab crew is currently seeking $61,820. HAIKU is compatible with a vast majority of today’s most popular smartphones and bicycles, and delivery is expected to begin in May 2016.

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