This LED installation mimics the movements of fireflies

This 2,000-plus LED installation reacts to the movement of its visitors, placing them inside a colorful 3D environment.

Austrian arts collective Neon Golden recently created an immersive light installation designed to mimic the movements of fireflies. The project, aptly named SWARMconsists of over 2,000 LEDs that are suspended at various heights from an overhead metal grid and arranged in a series of 40 modules throughout a dark room.


The lights use motion-sensing technology, which is controlled by Raspberry Pi and Arduino running Processing, to replicate the motion of lightning bugs. The hanging LEDs change position horizontally in response to the movements of nearby visitors. The team also employed Cinema 4D to generate SWARM’s advanced 3D effects.

“Through the movement of the visitors within the installation the LEDs are lightening up and the static, chaotic structure transforms into a vibrant, three-dimensional swarm one can visually but also acoustically experience,” Neon Golden explains.


According to its creators, SWARM is adaptable to meet different space requirements, as the configuration of light modules can be adjusted to fit smaller or larger areas. The piece made its debut back at the Olympus Photography Playground in Vienna in February 2015.


You can see it for yourself in the video below as dancer Máté Czakó makes his way through the luminescent creatures, revealing the LEDs’ reactivity.

[h/t Dezeen]

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