Smitch is a smart switch that can be installed in seconds

Smitch is a smart switch that’s easy to install, even easier to use.

As the lights throughout our homes becoming increasingly smarter, shouldn’t our wall-mounted switches do the same? This is something one Bay Area-based startup is looking to make possible.


Whereas most switches on the market today either require you to either purchase special bulbs or rewire an entire switch, Brothers Lab wants installation to be much simpler. Just unscrew your existing cover plates, attach the aptly named Smitch and voilà! Calling for nothing more than a Phillips screwdriver and 20 seconds of your time, every light in your house can now be controlled right from your smartphone. This includes fans, wall lamps, spot lights and multi-bulb chandeliers.

Smitch is capable of fitting over just about every wall unit found in any room, and is compatible with both toggle and rocker switches. The companion app, which is available on both Android and iOS devices, features an extremely intuitive interface and is ever so easy to use. Whether it’s the kitchen, bedroom or foyer, all of yours lights can be managed by tapping on the corresponding picture on the screen.


Beyond that, by activating its proximity option, the lights inside your house can be automatically triggered whenever you’re near a switch. This feature will surely come in handy should you find yourself bringing in the groceries, carrying the laundry, or having dirty hands.

In terms of hardware, the sleek plate is equipped with an ATmega328P MCU at its core, a BLE module for wireless communication and a battery that boasts a lifespan of about 500 days.


Ready to swap out your ‘dumb’ switches for some Smitches? Head over to its Kickstarter campaign, where the Brothers Lab team is seeking $21,949. Pending all goes to plan, delivery is slated for December 2015.

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