MagneTag is a magnetized sword game with real-time scoring

This points-based system lets you battle your friends with foam swords, ninja stars and blaster darts! 

Think back to the holidays when your mother would be wrapping gifts and the roll of wrapping paper would run out. Who could forget the joys of using the leftover cardboard tube as a sword to engage in battle with your siblings? Now what if, as you whacked the heck out of your younger brother, there was a much easier way to keep score?


That’s where MagneTag comes in. Born out of his own frustration with the honor system while playing paintball in the woods, engineer Adam Cohen developed a points-based game system that consists of magnetized foam swords and wearable sensors.

Drawing from his physics background, Cohen had realized that magnets would be an excellent solution to this all too common problem. The idea was that, if super tiny magnets could be inserted into foam objects, they would be able to produce electrical signals that could then be recorded and translated into a reliable scoring system.


From swords and shields to ninja stars and NERF Darts, the team’s wearable sensors will electronically keep score whenever it’s hit with the magnet-embedded foam weapon. MagneTag works right out of the box without an Internet connection, but in order to open a whole new world of gameplay, a user must connect their battle arms to an accompanying mobile app via Bluetooth. This enables them to access various modes like target practice and team combat, collect stats, find players nearby, and organize events. As if that’s not enough, the system also allows players to track the action in real-time on any web browser.

The system was constructed with durability in mind. Having to withstand constant beatings, MagneTag’s robust hardware has been optimized for tag detection and is housed inside a polycarbonate plastic shell. With an ATmega328 at its core, the sensor runs on a lithium polymer battery that lasts for about three hours and can be recharged in just 20 minutes over USB.


Ready to take your sword fights to the next level? Head over to MagneTag’s Kickstarter campaign, where its creators are seeking $50,000. Though the game ships fully assembled, backers can select a barebones two-player package as well. This DIY kit features two sensors and some magnets to bring any foam piece to life.

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