Knocki lets you turn any surface into a remote control

Knocki is a smart device that gives you control of your favorite functions through the surfaces around you.

As the world around us becomes increasingly more connected, shouldn’t the way in which we interact with our devices become easier and more intuitive as well? That’s the idea behind Knocki, a simple solution that can turn any solid surface into a remote control. This enables you to send a text, order takeout, change the channel, start a timer, activate a security system, snooze an alarm and lock the house — all with a quick tap of the table, wall, door or countertop.


Developed by Houston, Texas startup Swan Solutions, the disc-shaped gadget affixes to metal, granite, marble, drywall, wood or stone, and will operate as long as it remains within range of your home or office’s Wi-Fi network. The Knocki can recognize up to 10 unique patterns of knock and taps, each of which can be configured to trigger specific actions through its accompanying iOS and Android app. For example, two knocks on the nightstand starts your morning pot of coffee while three taps of the wall can adjust the lighting.


Knocki is able to control any connected device or software with an open platform, as well as sync to a variety of automation platforms including IFTTT, WeMo and Nest. The puck-like unit is comprised of an accelerometer-based system that senses vibrational patterns on any surface and runs for a year on ordinary AA batteries. Since Knocki doesn’t rely on microphones or audio sensors, it is able to decode vibrations using motion algorithms. In other words, it won’t be affected by music, clapping or any other environmental sounds.

Managed remotely through its companion app, multiple Knockis can be programmed to carry out various functions depending on the surfaces to which they are attached. Once stuck to a solid facade, the range that a Knocki detects tap patterns depends on the material and its thickness. Company co-founder Jake Boshernitzan tells Gizmag that wooden tables and cabinetry, along with drywall, allow for a distance of approximately six feet, while only three to four feet for stone countertops.


Get ready to say goodbye to having to search around the sofa for a TV clicker, groggily reach for your phone to hit the snooze button, get out of bed to hit the light switch, or enter a code to activate an alarm when leaving the house. Instead, just knock and voilà! Pre-order your Knocki today.

[h/t Gizmag]

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