Leaf Light is an indoor garden monitor

Build an Arduino-based monitor that will let you know if your indoor plants are getting enough light and water.

Does it seem like every plant that you keep inside your house somehow dies? If this is an all too common occurrence, you’re in luck. That’s because Maker Kaia Sievert has built an Arduino-based monitor that lets those without a green thumb know if their pots are getting enough water and light.

Leaf Light

Named the Leaf Light, this neat little project uses soil moisture and light sensors connected to an Arduino Uno (ATmega328) to alert you know when your plants are a bit thirsty or need to be moved a little closer to the window sill.

Notifications are done through a NeoPixel that will emit different colors depending on what it detects. Green will illuminate if the moisture and light levels are good. Orange signifies that the plant isn’t receiving enough life, blue indicates that soil moisture is on the decline, while red means that it needs both H2O and sun.


The circuit, which is housed in an acrylic case, runs a leaflight.ino sketch. This enables the Arduino to gather and analyze data from the sensors every 10 minutes, and then change the LED color accordingly. Since the ATmega328 powered Uno doesn’t have an internal clock, Sievert needed to manually input the time and date in the code.

Looking ahead, the Maker notes that there several enhancements she hopes to make, including a mirror to improve the spreading of light, a better enclosure for the electronics, maximum values that can sense overwatering or darkness, and a real-time clock.


Ready to keep your indoor plants alive? Head over to the Leaf Light’s Instructables page here to get started.

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